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Profil de Ayleen

Mes infos :
29 ans, 164 cm, 44 kg
Mon pays :
Europe de l'est
Mes origines :
Caucasienne (blanc)
Mes cheveux :
Noirs, Longs
Mes yeux :
Ma poitrine :
Petite (A)

Apparence : Chatte poilue, Petit cul, Tatouage

Accessoires : Lingerie, Sportwear, Talons hauts, Bas et collants

Préférences sexuelles : Fétish, Danse, Soft, Show Topless, Levrette, Strip tease, Hardcore, Jeux de pieds, Anal, Éjaculation faciale, BDSM, Bisexuelle, Fellation, Cameltoe

Dernière diffusion : en ligne actuellement

Ma description : Let s talk about me a little more then Always been that smart ass kid in the class Always hit the first prize,making my mum proud, I guess that s why now,I like it on the top,ha! Started write at 8-9,do some really nice designs! 9,improvised my first guitar,and try to play it up before it got destroyed by my mum Cause she wanted me with feet on the ground,I get it now,she thought I didn t have a chance with that,I m sorry mum,since little I dreamed high and had my head half in the clouds I liked to watch! Cause we were poor from the bottom up,kids in school were laughing at-same clothes,same resewed shoes,and so the years pass one after one! And my mum worked the land and garden really hard,had to help,I didn t quite liked,I m sorry mum,prefered playing football with boys outside,though i still had to help her in all out! But now I see like all she did,going hungry,to feed me,so many times,mum?!I Thank you for your sacrifice! I know I m not still making you proud,I know you see me from the Kingdom of God,I feel ashamed to let you down,but please forgive me and help me out,you gotta be my Angel now!Lost my grandma who raised me up from 2 fuckin months up to 5 and that shit was craz' as fuck and left on me a pretty deep mark!Soo close to her calling her mum,was the first one that morning I found out,still having memory telling her ''grandmaa waake uup!''I love you,I didn t forget,please don t give up on me,I m the same lil girl you raised up,I m sorry for some things you witnessed! Growing up,argues in my family,cold words,fights,hits,drinks and other nasty shits To fuckin raise me up,my father chose to leave!Now there s a ''stranger'' coming home rare,now and then, And the once loved only daddy s girl gets sworn,slapped and yelled at!told she s not good enough no matter how much she tried and to keep her mouth shut! Ace at school,but more like shy,don t talk much,I better write,but still teachers praised me high and some told me following their path! Had some bullies,called nicknames,little different then them,having freckles,worst kid nightmare,but now I see fuckin stars on my skin! But with bullies gave them right,I never stepped back from a fist fight! So started make my own world in poetries,write fairytales and songs,teacher and kids in school liked, But my mum said fuckin stop,with these nonsenses you aien t gonna make it in the life! I watched my shits in the fire burning up Tears of a child were fallin on my face like I didnt get it ''whyy''?! And the answer was straight ahead,didn t change not even when I grew up''You need to be a fuckin teacher,have a stabil job'' I said,fuck that,grew up more,going rebel,found my confort in loud music,but that shit,woow,also was ''forbidden''! Continued to the highschool in the city made some friends,from the ugly duck now ,suddenly,i was interesting Got some more little freedom to my ass,eeei, but not in that way,naah,always been that typ' of a good girl,had a locket on my fuckin mouth for guys and one to down ''floor'' Still so,guys were trippin on me like I was some hot thing Though I wasnt seeing it so,hmm?!what could had been?! But in my heart I fuckin always knew what I want, That something special,pure,true till death apart and beyond!And at 17 half,first boy broke lil my heart,went to fuck my best friend after our date was finished up,because ''I need sex and you don t offer me what I want and don t wanna push and I respect that'' blaaah Been some big ass dreamer from the start,I guess that I didnt know that shit will later fuck my life up! So made it to a bigger city,got college ahead, been few months me and my mum had another fight and another fight,then another fight I guess that cold war world 3 was gonna tear us apart So she made it to my dad! Hmm,now alone,no money no shits,didnt have what to eat,pay rent and shits,trusting strangers,always beeing so naiive!Didn t find a normal job asap so I got into videochat thing! Last fight got me cold,some cold ass shits broke my h

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un régal une bombe merci bb


trop belle


top vraiment exellent, je la recommande


Magnifique show


Trop bien


tres bon moment


bien pour quelques moments mais n ecoute pas toujours


superbec'est donne a fon


elle est parfaite une déesse


une merville j'adore 10*


expetionel elle est magique